ECG technology for hearables
Just a touch
Heart.Zone LLC has created a unique technology for detecting electro-cardio-gram (ECG) with an earbud.

This ECG monitoring technology uses two electrodes and could be integrated into most earbud designs.

The first "in-ear" electrode is the soft insert made from an electrically conductive material. It creates an electrical contact with concha of the ear.

The second "finger" electrode is located on the outer shell of the earbud.

When user touches the earbud ECG system detects electrical signals between in-ear & finger electrodes. These electrical signals translate into an ECG waveform.
The earbud transmits ECG waveform together with audio sounds, picked by a microphone via Bluetooth.

The Heart.Zone App on a smartphone or a smartwatch receives these data via Bluetooth, processes the ECG and audio sounds in real-time, displays ECG waveform, detects QRS, RR, Pulse, and other heart activity parameters.
Wired not weird
Heart.Zone LLC has created a continuous ECG monitoring technology integrated into wired earphones.

To start monitoring just...
1. Plug earphones
2. Record ECG
3. Get audible feedback

Continuous ECG monitoring technology integrated into wired earphones does not affect audio performance. User can enjoy music, talk on a phone via earphones' microphone and record ECG simultaneously.

Heart.Zone's ECG technology uses electrodes:
1. one on a chest, and
2. two electrodes, one in each ear with conductive in-ear inserts.

Sweat, hair, skin color or body motion do not affect the quality of ECG monitoring.
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