ECG technology for an earbud
Touch the earbud for ECG

ECG is detected from in-ear and finger electrodes

Just a touch
Heart.Zone LLC has created a unique technology for detecting electro-cardio-gram (ECG) with an earbud.

This ECG monitoring technology uses two electrodes and could be integrated into most earbud designs.

The first "in-ear" electrode is the soft insert made from an electrically conductive material. It creates an electrical contact with concha of the ear.

The second "finger" electrode is located on the outer shell of the earbud.

When user touches the earbud ECG system detects electrical signals between in-ear & finger electrodes. These electrical signals translate into an ECG waveform.

The earbud transmits ECG waveform together with audio sounds, picked by a microphone via Bluetooth.
The Heart.Zone App on a smartphone or a smartwatch receives these data via Bluetooth, processes the ECG and audio sounds in real-time, displays ECG waveform, detects QRS, RR, Pulse, and other heart activity parameters.
Heart.Zone App

Records ECG with audio

Listen to your heart
The app receives ECG and audio sounds from the earbud simultaneously and stores these data on a smartphone. Audio sounds provide an additional information for ECG analytics such as breathing, user's own narrations and surrounding sounds.
The app calculates QRS, PR, QT, ST, RR intervals, pulse (bpm), max heart rate (HR) for user's age or activity level, resting HR, HR recovery and HR variability. Based on detailed ECG data and audio sounds the app can detect user's mood, type of activity, caloric burn, irregular heartbeat and even signs of atrial fibrillation.
How to add ECG
To integrate ECG monitoring technology into your earbuds design we need:

1. Evaluate your current earbuds design and suggest modifications for better integration of ECG technology.

2. Evaluate Bluetooth IC you currently use in your earbuds.

3. Work together with your Bluetooth IC supplier for integrating our ECG monitoring technology into your PCB, adding additional firmware to Bluetooth IC for primary ECG processing.

If you are a PCB manufacturer for earbuds OEM, we could offer you our reference design with Bluetooth IC and ECG technology we used for our prototypes.
In order to integrate ECG technology into your earbuds design our technical team shall work closely with your engineers and designers.
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