ECG technology for wired earphones
Just plug in
Heart.Zone LLC created a technology for continuous electro-cardio-gram (ECG) monitoring of heart while wearing earphones.

To start monitoring just...
1. Plug earphones
2. Record ECG
3. Get audible feedback

Continuous ECG monitoring does not affect audio performance of earphones. User can enjoy music, talk on a phone via earphones' microphone and record ECG simultaneously.

Heart.Zone's ECG technology uses electrodes:
1. one on a chest and;
2. two electrodes, one in each ear with conductive in-ear inserts.

Sweat, hair, skin color or body motion do not affect the quality of ECG monitoring.

Heart.Zone's continuous ECG monitoring technology is provided to earphones manufacturers in form of an ECG micro-module and an API for app developers. 
ECG Micro-module
Heart.Zone's ECG micro-module is engineered for easy integration with most wired earphone designs. Click below for 3D earphones model with ECG micro-module HZEP.
Technical characteristics of HZEP module version 6.7+

Dimensions: 4.5 x 20 x 3 mm
Ultra-low power: 300 uWatt
Supply current: < 200 uA
Supply voltage: 2.5V – 5.5V
- Microphone V-bias
- 3V coin battery
- 5V USB Type-C
Some TRRS models require an extra battery if mic's V-bias is not enough to power both, mic and HZEP module. However, the power consumption of HZEP6.7+ is so low that a regular CR2025 battery can power the module for 1000 hours of continuous operation.

With the USB Type-C™ plug no battery is required. The 5V power is provided by the phone.

As a bonus we offer a special USB Type-C adapter, making your analog earphones a true digital earphones for crystal clear and interference free audio.

Heart.Zone App

Records ECG with audio

Listen to your heart
The app receives ECG and audio sounds via earphones's mic simultaneously and stores these data on a smartphone. Audio sounds provide an additional information for ECG analytics such as breathing, user's own narration and surrounding sounds.
The app calculates QRS, PR, QT, ST, RR intervals, pulse (bpm), max heart rate (HR) for user's age o activity level, resting HR, HR recovery and HR variability. Based on detailed ECG data and audio sounds the app can detect user's mood, type of activity, caloric burn, irregular heartbeat and even signs of atrial fibrillation.
How to add ECG
To integrate ECG monitoring technology for your wired earphones you need:

1. Change the design of your earbuds to accommodate HZEP micro-module in Y-splitter.

2. Change the design of your earphones to add extra wire and conductive nozzle to measure ECG.

3. Work together with our engineers for integrating our HZEP module into your earphones design.
In order to integrate ECG technology into your earphones design our engineers need to work closely with your designers.

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