Heart & Sound

ECG, heart & lungs sound motoring technology

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ECG with TWS

ECG is detected from three electrodes:

The first electrode is integrated into a chest module - ChMic located at the chest diaphragm, near xiphoid.

The other two electrodes are connected via wires to the TWS earbuds.

Electrodes in earbuds

Earbuds use "in-ear" electrodes. The in-ear earbud's enclosure ( E ) is made from an electrically conductive material.

In-ear electrode ( E ) creates an electrical contact with concha of the ear and transmit the electrical signals to ChMic via a wire ( W ).

A wire ( W ) could be connected to electrode
( E ) via magnets ( M ) or a metal clip.

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Chest & ears

ChMic receives electrical signals from two in-ear electrodes via wires and one built-in electrode adjacent to the chest. Based on these electrical signals it detects ECG waveform and transmits it via Bluetooth LE to an app on a smartphone.

ChMic also has a built-in microphone. It is used to detect chest sounds coming from the heart beat and breathing. ChMic digitizes these sounds and transmits via Bluetooth LE to the app on a smartphone.

An example of wearing ChMic with TWS earbuds by a woman is shown in 3D model.

Bluetooth LE

ChMic transmits ECG waveform together with the heart & chest sounds to an app on a smartphone via Bluetooth LE.

The app on a smartphone processes ECG waveform and detects vital heart data: pulse, QRS, PQ, ST, RR intervals, detects variability and arrhythmia.

From chest sounds it calculates respiration rate.

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Heart.Zone designed ECG ChMic unit which is placed on a chest and connected to earbuds via two wires.

Placing HZ ChMic on a chest allows it to connect one of the electrodes to the skin and also pick the chest sounds from heart and lungs.

Two wires connect to each earbud and pick electrical signals from soft in-ear electrodes. They also serve as a safety leash, preventing the earbuds from dropping out while in motion.

  • Purpose
    ECG & chest sounds monitoring
  • Connectivity
    Bluetooth LE
  • Power
    Rechargeable battery
  • Operating time
    90 hours
  • Charging
    USB Type-C
  • L
    60.0 mm
  • W
    15.0 mm
  • H
    12.0 mm
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