ECG technology for hearables

Transform your earbuds into Smartbuds™ with Heart.Zone's bio-monitoring technologies

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About Us

Heart.Zone is a provider of innovative Electro-Cardio-Gram (ECG) and bio-monitoring technologies for hearables - smart earphones & earbuds.

We supply our technologies to earphones OEM/ODM around the world.

Just a touch

When user touches the earbud ECG subsystem detects electrical signals between in-ear electrode & a finger.

These electrical signals transform into ECG waveform and transmitted together with audio via Bluetooth to a smartphone.

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Heart.Zone ChMic4.5

Heart & Sound

Continuous ECG, heart and lungs sound monitoring technology integrated with TWS earbuds

Continuous ECG, heart and lungs sound monitoring technology does not affect audio performance. User can enjoy music, talk on a phone via earbuds' microphone, record ECG, heart and lungs sounds simultaneously.

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