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ECG technology for Bluetooth LE audio earbud

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Touch the bud

ECG is detected from two electrodes:

The first "in-ear" electrode is the soft insert made from an electrically conductive material. It creates an electrical contact with concha of the ear.

The second "finger" electrode is located on the outer shell of the earbud.

Detect ECG

When user touches the earbud ECG subsystem detects electrical signals between in-ear electrode and the finger.

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Heart.Zone ChMic4.5

Bluetooth LE

These electrical signals transform into ECG waveform and transmitted together with the audio via Bluetooth LE to a smartphone.*

The app processes ECG waveform and detects vital heart data: pulse, QRS, PQ, ST, RR intervals, detects variability and arrhythmia.

* This technology is designed for Bluetooth LE audio earbuds.


Heart.Zone's ECG touch technology could be integrated into most earbuds designs with a help of micro-module HZ EBC01

  • Purpose
    ECG detection
  • Type
  • Footprint
    DFN-12 0.5 mm pitch
  • DC power range
    1.8 - 3.3 V
  • DC working current
    ~50 μA
  • L (mm)
  • W (mm)
  • H (mm)
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